Mojazzy’s Quick Fix To Prevent Hair Loss During Sew-In Installations

Braid patternA few days ago, I was servicing a client and she went to reach for medicine. Although I’ve never had a client lose hair, I reacted quickly because I know the dangers that the tension may cause from excessive traction.My client began to feel tension after I started installing her hair extensions. Because I braided her hair using the beehive method I was able to implement a technique that I use if the braid pattern is already completed when the tension occurs.

During this sew-in installation because my client felt tension after braiding was completed. I begin to take down the first four braids in the circle. I installed the extensions until I’ve nearly reached the hair that’s been taken down. I know you may be asking: Why am I installing the extensions before braiding the four braids back down?? The reason why I leave those four braids down as I begin the sew-in, is that, most times when installing a sew-in the tension will come mainly in the center of your clients head…And taking them down until  I’m halfway done takes away the tension giving me control over how my client head feels. I began to braid the remainder four braids as gentle as possible so that the remainder of the sew-in installation can be pain free…I highly recommend this method to prevent hair loss during a sew-in installation….Because although I’ve never had a client lose hair from too tight braids, I’ve witnessed clients suffer hair loss from extremely tight sew-ins and braids to the fact that it can take months or maybe years to grow back……

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