The Danger Of Not Shampooing Your Hair

HairA few months ago, I encountered a new client who was very nice, young and in college. She came in to have a sew-in removed(installed by someone else)…I began removing the sew-in so that I could analyze and consult with her about her hair goals…As I began removing her hair extensions I noticed that there were white stems growing from her scalp. So I asked her a series of questions like: How long ago was this sew-in installed? How often did you have your sew-in maintenance?

“To my surprise it hadn’t been shampooed in the entire six months”

So I consulted with her, explaining to her my concerns about not shampooing regularly, and the dangers it can cause your scalp…Not shampooing your hair regularly is extremely unsanitary and creates a mass storage of pathogens(disease causing bacteria).Although there are no specific number of times you should shampoo per week or day. I highly recommend shampooing your hair as often as necessary to prevent this from happening to you…

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