Top 7 Recommended Products

1.Mojazzy Edge Control

Mojazzy Edge Control works wonders! This product was created for women with natural hair because those were the women having issues finding an edge control that truly work. One that would hold your hair in place without flaking. I believe in this product so much because it does exactly what it's designed to do! The great thing about Mojazzy Edge Control is that because it works on women that are relaxer free, it automatically works for the woman that has a relaxer.

Mojazzy Edge Control temporary straightens hair giving a long lasting firm hold. Leaving edges looking healthier while adding a superior hold and shine. Mojazzy Edge Control is non- flaky, non-sticky and rinses out easily.

Directions: Apply a fingertip portion of Mojazzy Edge Control to the hairline. Smooth with a brush or small tooth comb for blended finish.


    2.Mojazzy Glow & Grow

    For years I've tried many many products on short hair, until I decided to create a product that's all natural and works for dry hair, dry skin and scalp. What I love most about this product is that it gives off the ultimate polished look all while using a small amount.


    Mojazzy Glow & Grow has all natural butters, pure essential oils, vitamins A,D, & E and it leaves the ultimate shine.


    3.Rusk Heat Freak Toumaline & Hair Art Ceramic Flat Irons and Amika Mini Ceramic Flat Irons

    For years I’ve tried millions of different flat irons, from Chi, Profasion and FHI to name a few. Until I discovered the Rusk Heat Freak, Hair Art and Amika mini ceramic flat irons. These are my to die for must have salon essentials. Why? It’s because they’re heavy duty and some of the best in the industry and the leave amazing results.

    4. For Online Booking

    The biggest issue clients have when coming to the salon is the countless hours spent in the salon. No stylist should ever be without online booking. Schedulicity is my best friend when it comes to managing the time I spend with each client, ensuring that each client gets their personal time with me. Time management is very critical in the beauty industry because there’s already a bad reputation that mostly all salons have you there for the whole day…
    So don’t get caught without online booking software.

    5.Mizani and Aveda Heat Protectant

    Without a shadow of a doubt, one of my biggest pet peeves is blow drying hair without using a heat protectant.What I love about these two products is that you only need a very small amount and they don’t weigh your hair down. They both add shine and reduces frizz…But be careful using these products on fine thin hair because the results will be different.

    6.Feather Razor

    For as long as I can remember I’ve been a cutter…I absolutely love cutting hair,so I must have the proper tools. I discovered the feather razor while in Sally’s picking up other products. After using it for the first time I can’t live without it….I only pick up the shears when it’s absolutely necessary….The blades are pricey but the results are endless.

    7. Super Salono Twin Turbo 3200

    In all my years of providing hair care services, I must say that the Super Salono Twin Turbo 3200 blow dryer is my best friend. This is the main ingredient for ensuring that my client leaves bouncing and behaving. Why? This salon essential is very durable doesn’t overheat and leaves an amazing shine on my clients hair…