The Salon Visit That Changed My Life

After being relaxer free for over four years with a head of healthy hair, I decided that I wanted a new look. I knew that I wanted my hair to be lifted up to a level four and then highlighted on my return visit.A friend of mine hair is flawlessly colored to perfection and she had recommended that this salon was thee best.It was and still is to this day a well known chain that specializes in nothing but color.So, I called to set up an appointment and there was an available slot for the next morning so I booked it..

I was so exited about getting my new look that I rushed home, washed a couple loads of clothes, helped the boys with the their homework, bathed and went to bed. Because I wanted to be well rested so that I’d be up bright and early and most importantly on time for my appointment.

I arrived to my appointment 15 minutes prior to the appointed time.I must say,the staff was very friendly and I was greeted in a timely manner.As I went through my consultation, I explained to my colorist exactly what I had envisioned.And for the record I color but I’m not a colorist lol..She explained to me that she could give me the look I was looking for but I’d have to come back for the high and lowlights. I said great, make me over. At this salon they do all of their color mixing in a area that’s not visible to the clients.I called it the magic potion room lol. I went through a series of steps because my hair was very dark.I looked in the mirrors after step one screaming O-M-G my hair is orange, green and blonde.But no worries, she ensured me that the final product would be what I wanted..She then applied another color on top of my rainbow(my hair) to get me to this…


I was very please about the first process to my color journey until.

I woke up and my life was changed forever..Because of the multiple color processes my hair was very angry at me and immediately started to shed leaving the tip dry and brittle.Sad times..I knew then that I wouldn’t make it to round two of my color journey (the high and lowlights..So I had to suck it up and go through the process of repairing the damage that had been caused by the double process I had received the day before.

With each day it got worse and worse, all I can do was shake my head in disbelief that my second color experience had scarred me for life..At that point I knew the I needed to cut as much of the over processed hair off and patiently wait on the new hair to arrive.

Because I was so traumatized by what had happened I’d only cut off a couple inches at a time. Which made it seem like it would take an eternity to grow back. If I’d taken off all of the damaged strands, I would’ve been scalped!

Making the wrong choice can set you back weeks, months, or even years..

Don’t let this happen to you!

1.Before making a major decision to permanently color your hair get a strand test done.A strand test ensures you get the color results you want and make sure you don’t have any allergies.

2.NEVER go from dark to light if bleach has to be involved.Its just not worth the setback.

3.Don’t do it..Wear clip-in extension color pieces.

If you’re already damaged…

1. Chop off the straggly hair.

2. Restore the protein(Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner) *Use only as needed

3. Use homemade hair masks about once or twice a week(Made from anything high in protein-eggs,olive oil,coconut or almond oil, avocado or mayo.

4. Moisture is everything.Add moisture to your bleach mangled hair. I prefer Moroccan oil products such as the treatment oils(before blowdrying, but only use a very small amount)

5. Moroccan oil intense hydrating and restorative hair masks.

6. Give your hair a break..(Absolutely NO color.) it’ll cost you in the long run.

7. Don’t over wash your hair- wash only once a week(the more you wash it, the more you’ll dry it out

8. Less heat as possible because damage hair and heat are not friends

9. Aphogee two step protein treatment

P.S. The most important thing you’ll need most when repairing damaged hair is PATIENCE. None of these products are going to work overnight, especially if your hair is anything like mine was. It’ll take a while before you see results but if you stay consistent, I promise you’ll see results..

Good luck,