Start Taking Action!

I’m a firm believer in the saying “Action Over Words”. Have you ever purchased educational info such as DVDs, Books, Cd’s or even watched educational information on YouTube with intent to use it but don’t?

I had been telling Joi to go without her relaxer because it’s a lot healthier for her hair.But she insisted that she wouldn’t be able to maintain it after her rigorous workouts. About a month ago I posted a tutorial on how to blow dry virgin hair and she had been saying she would watch it and never did…Look at this picture she tagged me in on Facebook.


The important thing is that now she’s taking action!

Whether it’s business or personal, what good is gaining knowledge if you never take action and IMPLEMENT?

  • Step 1. Seek knowledge…Understand that you must be a constant learner.Know what it is you’d like to do and seek the education on the subject.
  • Step 2. Invest in your future… In order to be successful you must spend time & money on your education they both go hand & hand…
  • Step 3. Once the education is received, take ACTION and IMPLEMENT you’re worth it….

One of the costs for great success is that you stay on top of your game….

P.S. You control your destiny….

Love Mojazzy

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