Trapped with No Warning

After being in the salon nearly half the day on  Saturday, I hadn’t gotten around to watching any television.I’m sure you know what’s it’s like having mommy duties, working and a host of other things that needs to be done other than watching tv. I made a pit stop to get gas for the car and ran a few other errands before turning it in for the remainder of the day.

To my surprise, I wake up and my car was trapped in fourteen inches of snow.With no signs of the snow trucks in sight to clean the snow from the streets.I logged onto social media only to find out that I wasn’t the only one trapped with no warning!

Day one was long, but I made the best of it by getting some paperwork done…Spending time with my family and reading the remainder of a book I had started two days ago.

I must say, I’m so grateful that I was not scheduled to work on Sunday.Because I would’ve probably had a major heart attack digging my car out of its grave.. My poor baby was in to deep..

Day two went by pretty fast as long as I kept busy writing,reading, made a quick run and back home to prepare the boys for school tomorrow.

While out running an errand I couldn’t help but spot this beauty on Lake Michigan…


P.S. Chicago is definitely the Windy City lol..

Stay warm..
Love Mojazzy