Girl Hold My Hand "The Awakening"

This event was nothing short of amazing! Stormy Wellington has created an empowerment event that you can walk away from with the tools you need to carry you throught your life journey.


After my home and salon flooded from Chicago's brutal negative 18 degree weather and my things being destroyed, all I wanted to do was shift my environment. Because I believe that exposure is everything. And once you get exposed to greater it's hard to get comfortable with where you are.

I attended the Girl Hold My Hand event in June of 2018 so I now had the opportunity for my daughter to experience what I'd experienced. She had never been to an event of this caliper!

“Girl Hold My Hand - The Awakening" is a 1-day event where women come together from all over the world to connect, gain personal clarity, and see how they can collaborate with and celebrate each other. This event builds confidence and help create connections that can last a lifetime. We are all wives…mothers…sisters…daughters…grandmothers…aunties…and bosses.

What happens when hundreds of passionate and like-minded entrepreneurs get together to learn, connect, and network?  Life-long friendships are cultivated and business partnerships form. Its true you become the 5 people you hang around.

It’s a simple fact that in today’s world, you’ll go farther — faster — if you have outstanding collaborative skills. No matter what your job is, you need the ability to work effectively with others. And, if you are also able to bring out the best in everyone you work with, the sky’s the limit for your success. I believe that we must learn how to collaborate with an abundance mindset.

My daughter was able to connect with new people from all around the world.

Oh and by the way, through it all "The Pixie Code" online training course went live on yesterday. Lifetime access 27/7 365 days a year, straight from your smart phone or laptop for just $199. Sale ends Monday 2/25/19.... I can't wait for you to see everything.

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One last thing before I go...Remember, you are a manifestation of every experience and every environment that you have in your life! Dream big!

This empowerment event created by Stormy Wellington was created for you to walk away with the tools you need to carry you throughout your life journey.Growth and development is key! Follow @CoachStormy on IG to get updated on the next event!

1.Never get comfortable!
2.Always be grateful!
3.Continue to grow!
4.Exposure is everything!
5.Never give up!

Here are a few highlights from the event!