Amika Mini Ceramics


A lot of people ask me how I achieve this look and this post will explain why I use this particular type of flatiron to achieve looks like this…..

Over the years I’ve used several flat irons on my hair. Because I’m relaxer free, I was in search of the perfect ceramics for my edges without having to use the old school method lol( the pressing comb). I prefer to wear my hair straight without using excessive heat, because it can cause breakage. What I realized is that the ceramics I’d been trying just wasn’t grabbing my edges at the roots because they had too much material surrounding the heated plates on the ceramics. Although I was wasting a ton of money in search of the right ceramic irons, I’ve finally come across the Amika mini ceramics. They are now my favorite irons for my edges. I love love love them so much that I purchase at least two pair at a time lol. They are easy to use and have very little material around the plate giving you the flexibility you’ll need to silk your edges from roots to ends without having to use a pressing comb.

P.S. Prior to using the Amika ceramic irons to silk your edges, I use vital hair polish or Mizani heat protectant which protects your hair from heat damage. And also gives your hair the shine it needs without weighing the hair down.

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